About Partners in Simplicity







A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. As long time friends, we started talking about what we were doing and how we were gifted. After a few months of discussions, a business was born! Starting out primarily providing Home Organizing services, our business then progressed once realtors saw our ability for staging homes and making them warm and inviting to potential buyers.

We know the need to be the ‘general contractor’ for clients when they have to sort through, organize and figure out a plan to get from one place to another. We pride ourselves on being successful organizers and planners.

Having walked through the process of down sizing with many clients, including our own parents, we know how sensitive this process can be. We specialize in senior solutions.

We love what we do! We enjoy and take great delight in seeing the changes that take place in a home through the process of staging.

We NEVER leave the job until it is done and we can close the door knowing someone new will open it and make it their home.