Professional Home Staging Services

Whether you are a homeowner looking to move or a real estate agent in the process of helping someone list their home, you may have a ‘To Do’ list that is overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin.

If you are moving, unpacking, or staying put, the objective is the same. You need HELP getting the job done!

We have many years of experience in staging homes, big or small, old or new. Take a minute to read about our services and then give us a call!

What We Offer

Simple Consultation

A one hour consultation, followed up by our exclusive Room by Room TO DO list specially prepared for your home.

Starting at $75.

Affordable empty house plan

We stage the main living area, bathrooms, kitchen and master bedroom with furniture and accessories on LOAN to you for 45 days.

*Rental is an option after 45 days.

Starting at $500.00.

Sensibly tailored plan

Still living in your home?

We show you what to do to spruce up your home, move furniture around to make it seem bigger and make your décor less personal. Using your things as well as our own accessories we make your home a model home in which you can live.

Starting at $350.00.

Where We Are

New York

We stage to sell.
Simply. Affordably. Sensibly.